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Speaker Cables

Audio Cables

Known for our superb processing, we gently process fully assembled interconnects, power cords, loudspeaker, USB, Ethernet, digital, HDMI, etc. Processing also works great for guitar, microphone and other instrument cables.

Speaker Cables

AV Options SuperWiremold Power Strip

After extensive testing AV Options partners with Cryogenics International to provide the finest deep cryogenic processing for their SuperWiremold power strip, other AC products and parts used in our Naim restoration services. The bottom line for us is the across the board significant noise reduction (a much lower noise floor) we hear in all Deep-Cryo treated parts and cables. Every aspect of musical performance is enhanced. Dynamics, clarity, notes are more cleanly defined with a reduction in slop and haze. Zero Drawbacks. For Naim Audio based systems we have several hundred and growing customers that have benefited from our AV Options AC and other products with Deep-Cryo. These benefits also extend to music lovers with audio systems at all price points and from a wide range of manufacturers.

Audio Spades

Audio Parts

Our process provides fantastic results to your spades, banana, RCA’s, XLR’s, AC plugs and receptacles, in-wall wire, CD’s, DVD’s, etc.

Fore more in-depth information about the benefits of treating CD's and DVD's, CLICK HERE.

Vacuum Tubes

Vacuum Tubes

Our extremely precise systems can safely process your most fragile items, like vacuum tubes, fuses, populated boards, capacitors, and even complete components.

An interview with Charles Beresford of Cryogenics International - Hey, it's REALLY, REALLY not just a bunch of dry ice!
- Dave Clark, Positive Feedback Online Issue 21.

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