Cryogenic Super Snake Engine

Spark Plugs

Cryogenics International's process improves the flow of current through the center electrode producing a larger and more uniform spark. Testing shows improved power, fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Ring and Pinion

Ring & Pinion for 4x4's and Off-Road

Dana 44 and stock all improved.

Cryogenics International will improve the torsional strength and promote stress-relief to insure that your fun will not end with broken parts.

Why you should only use Cryogenics International:

Brake Rotors

Brake Rotors

Would you like your brake rotors to last longer and perform better? Do you want to use the rotors you desire and not rotors you are limited to? Cryogenics International has the best solution. Our controlled, deep cryogenic process will improve your desired rotors in the following ways:
  • Increase brake rotor longevity
  • More rapid heat dissipation. Rotors will run about 30% cooler.
  • Decrease stopping distances.
  • Reduce cracking, warping and vibrations.

READ MORE about why you need to process your brake rotors.

Engine Internals

Engine Internals and Transmissions

Motorcycle and ATV transmission gears, bearings, axles, spark plugs, heads and most any other components are processed with fantastic results!

"We process our brake pads, rotors, suspension parts, spark plugs, plus many more to improve performance, safety and service life."
- Source:

"Cryogenics International processed our brake rotors and our service life more than doubled and stopping distances decreased as well."
Source - An ambulance company.

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