Musical Instruments Cryogenics & Musical Instruments

Cryogenics International's precision deep cryogenic process for the improvement of cymbals, saxophones, trumpets, horns, guitar strings, piano strings, pick-ups, cords, and more.

The reason why many instruments do not sound as great as they could and can be fatiguing to play is STRESS. Stresses induced from the manufacturing process, like heating, bending, and porting, affects the sound quality of musical instruments. These imperfections are roadblocks in the way of perfect music. Through advances by Cryogenics International, these internal stresses and imperfections can be removed through precise deep cryogenic processing.

Assurances: Our cryogenic process will not harm the look or finish to any instrument and we handle everything with extreme care.

Our Process Will:

  • Provide stress relief
  • Refine and more evenly distribute molecular structure
  • Makes the instrument or component more uniform throughout

What This Means to You:

  • Your instrument will exhibit the refined, regal qualities you most desire.
  • Your instrument will be less fatiguing to play
  • Improved tonal qualities
  • Smoother sliding valves