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Cryogenics International manufactures Deep Cryogenic Treatment Systems and provides processing for metals, plastics and other materials to improve their metallurgical and structural properties. The Cryogenics International deep cryogenic process will increase strength and performance, improve abrasive wear life, and relieve the internal stress inherent in a wide variety of manufactured products. The possibilities are endless!

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Patented Technology

We have developed and continuously improve our patented, controlled, deep cryogenic processing systems and provide the highest quality, state of the art processing service for over 28 years.

Outstanding Customer Service

Cryogenics International is an extremely customer-service oriented company - Family owned and operated since 1986! We have some of the most knowledgeable and experienced people in the industry that are happy to answer any questions about Cryogenic Processing.

Guaranteed Results

Our deep cryogenic process is the finest available for the widest variety of materials and components. We are very responsive to our customers’ requests and our processing turn-around time is excellent. We strive to give you personal attention and the best service possible.