Improved Accuracy, faster cleaning, rapid heat dissipation and longer barrel life!


The Cryogenics International process creates a denser, more uniform grain structure that allows heat to be dissipated more quickly and uniformly. This tighter structure also increases strength, wear life, and promotes faster cleaning.Every part of this AR15 is processed with the most precise Cryogenic process available.

Rifle Barrels

Long Range Competition Rifles and Barrels

Processing your Benchrest, Rail Gun or standard rifle barrel will improve accuracy and promote faster cleaning.

Increase your chances of winning with a -320°F, long soak, deep cryogenically processed barrel by Cryogenics International. If you have further questions, please CONTACT US to discover why we are the best!

Upper Receivers

Upper receivers in the white.

Aluminum receivers are processed withCryogenics International before anodize to improve many properties. Learn why premier manufacturers use Cryogenics International.

Hi Charles ! I just wanted to show off how much of an improvement my gun has had . After I had the cryogenic treatment to the barrel. In the one photo you can see my grouping sucks and yet people were telling me that wasn't bad. I remember thinking ya not bad if it was a AK47, but I had an AR15 ! After your one time treatment, the next grouping is so tight that the holes touch each other.

When I went to shoot it the second time, I knew my iron sights were not set correctly. I just picked up the gun and shot 3 rounds down range, waited until the session was over so I could look at my target and I let out yell of excitement when I saw how close the grouping was.

Sorry when I got back to my table, I forgot to take any more pictures, I adjusted the sights with one click, and blew out the center of all the targets I shot.

My buddy, Ray, shooting next to me, is long time advocate of the AR15. He was so impressed with my gun's performance, he took apart his AR15, gave me his barrel and asked if I would bring it to you to be treated as well.

Thank you so much for what you did.
Michael R. Jordan


First of all Happy New Year!!! My Weatherby is great! Noticeable accuracy gain, improved heat dissipation, etc. Of course it will be a while to know about wear, but one thing I did notice is a gain of about 100 to 150 fps in same powder loads.

Whenever this subject comes up on one of my gun chat rooms or conversation after sharing my experiences, I leave your link and number. I'm happy to spread the word!

Drew Skepnek