About Cryo

Charles Beresford


In today's competitive marketplace, the necessity for sophisticated deep cryogenic treating has become a reality. In addition to stress relief, today's companies are finding that controlled deep cryogenic treatment dramatically increases the useful life of components, perishable tooling and wear parts.


Cryogenics International is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 1988, Cryogenics International (CI) was granted a U.S. patent for its revolutionary new computerized deep cryogenic treatment systems. Cryogenics International now makes dramatic cost savings and increased productivity available to many people and industries around the world.

The Science of Deep Cryogenics

Deep cryogenics is the ultra low temperature processing of materials to enhance their desired metallurgical and structural properties. In our case, this is a temperature about -320°F, -196°C, or 77°K. These ultra cold temperatures are achieved using computer controls, a well-insulated treatment chamber and liquid nitrogen (LN2). Nitrogen is the gas that constitutes 78.03% of the air we breathe here on planet Earth. The liquid form, is the product of air separation, compression and liquefaction. What this boils down to is that our deep cryogenic systems are completely environmentally friendly and actually help reduce waste.

Our Deep Cryogenic Process

Cryogenics International's patented, controlled deep cryogenic treatment system and process is capable of treating a wide variety of materials, such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, metallic alloys, carbides, plastics (including nylon and Teflon) and ceramics. The entire process takes between 36 to 74 hours, depending on the weight and type of material being treated. Strict computer control and proper processing profiles assure that optimum results will be achieved with no dimensional changes or chance of thermal shock. This special process is not a surface treatment; it affects the entire mass of the tool or component being treated, making it stronger throughout. This means the process keeps working even after continued use and/or numerous sharpenings. The hardness of the material treated is unaffected, while its strength is increased.

What Does Cryogenic Treating Do?

These ultra-cold temperatures, below -310°F, will greatly increase the strength and wear life of all types of vehicle components, castings and cutting tools. In addition, other benefits include reduced maintenance, repairs and replacement of tools and components, reduced vibrations, rapid and more uniform heat dissipation, and improved conductivity. Cryogenics International's process is like an insurance policy for your tools and components.